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Surveying Services on the West Island

Benoît Péloquin Arpenteur-géomètre inc.

At Benoit Péloquin Arpenteur-géomètre Inc., we are fully committed to each of our mandates. We will perform mandates for location certificates, boundaries, condominium plans, topographical plans, GPS surveys and more. If you require surveying services on the West Island, give us a call.

Cadastral Operations

Cadastral operations include all actions creating, replacing, correcting or canceling one or more lots of the cadastre of Quebec. A lot is represented in the cadastre of Quebec by its unique number, its measurements, its surface area, its shape and its relative position.

In the cadastre of Quebec, new parcels must be the subject of cadastral operations so that the various rights on these buildings, such as titles of ownership, are public and binding on third parties.

The land surveyor is the only professional authorized to carry out cadastral operations.

Technical Description

The purpose of the technical description is to represent a terrain or part of a terrain on which a new right of ownership will be created. This new right of ownership may be, for example, the creation of a servitude for the installation and maintenance of a water pipe.

The technical description will include a report describing each boundary of a parcel and its area, accompanied by a plan illustrating the information described in the report.

Condominium Plan

The land surveyor performs an accurate survey of the buildings and designs a plan that includes the dimensions and areas of the various dwellings, the delimitation of the private lots and that of the common areas. It also allows numbering of the condo lots, to which rights and responsibilities are attached.


We can assess the volume of piles of material: for example, we can determine the volume of earth for a company that wants to know how much earth remains of unsold at the end of the year.

You can also call on our services to evaluate the volume of the garbage dump.

Property Plan (Topographical)

This plan illustrates the current location of a property. A real estate developer who wants to build a 5 or 6 storey building, for example, will have to submit his project to the sharp eye of a land surveyor, who will collect certain information, such as the dimensions and the level of the land (so slope and water flow can be measured, for example) and will look for the presence of prejudicial servitudes or encroachments.

The plan also includes a survey of the municipal infrastructure.

GPS Surveying

Satellite positioning systems, such as a GPS, can be used to calculate positions anywhere on the planet. We have the expertise to use this technology and have adapted it to the specific needs of the territory we cover.

Residential and Commercial Development

Landowners who wish to develop their property can call on our services to determine their boundaries and any constraints: the land may be subject to wetland rules or to rules for the protection of an area at risk of erosion.

Expert Witness

We can act as an expert witness in the settlement of a dispute relating to the determination of property lines for example, or in the case of an expropriation or litigation concerning rental boundaries established according to "BOMA" rules.

Establishment of Geodetic Points

The establishment of geodetic points for municipalities or government agencies is one of our services. This makes it possible to densify already existing networks or to replace the destroyed geodetic points.

Measurement of Rental Space According to BOMA Standards

The land surveyor makes a precise measurement of rental spaces and makes a plan with the surface of each of them. BOMA standards, which are international measurement standards, are taken into account during this operation.

Contact our team for any questions or to ask for a quote.